The Power Consumption Database

... user maintained electricity usage data
Stereo AmplifiersMicrolabFC504.02 w0.30 w2018-08-24
Stereo AmplifiersJBLCreature9.67 w4.54 w2018-08-24
Stereo AmplifiersOnkyoTX-SR50759.00 w37.00 wuk.onkyo.com2017-09-24
Stereo AmplifiersYamahaRX-V496RDS38.00 w0.00 w2017-09-24
Stereo AmplifiersHarman KardonHK 349059.00 w1.75 w2014-02-21
Stereo AmplifiersPioneerVSX-9500S59.00 w0.00 w2010-10-01
Stereo AmplifiersNADC-35245.00 w2010-05-12
7 rows

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