The Power Consumption Database

... user maintained electricity usage data
SwitchesGude8801-35.50 w4.00 w7.50 wgude-systems.com2023-01-25
SwitchesGudeEPC 88014.83 w5.05 w2018-04-23
SwitchesGudeEPC 88013.73 w2018-04-23
OtherGudeETS 8801-15.50 w4.00 w7.50 wgude.info2018-03-28
OtherGudeEPC-8226-12.60 w2.37 w3.17 w2017-10-12
OtherGudeEPC 80124.00 w4.00 wgude.info2016-11-01
SwitchesGude Analog- und DigitalsystemeEPC 82111.25 wgude.info2013-07-31
7 rows

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