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UPSCyberPowerPR1000ERT2U8.70 w78.00 wtweakers.net2022-03-14
UPSHuaweiUPS2000-A-1KTTS11.00 w54.00 wua.gecid.com2022-03-14
UPSAPCSMV1000CAI9.00 w6.00 w31.00 wixbt.com2022-03-14
UPSAPCSMV2000CAI18.00 w75.00 wixbt.com2022-03-14
UPSIpponSmart Winner II 155011.50 w10.00 w61.00 wixbt.com2022-03-14
UPSEaton5P1550i30.00 w65.00 wixbt.com2022-03-14
UPSEaton5P1550iR57.00 wua.gecid.com2022-03-14
OtherUbiquitiUnifi Access Point AC Long-range, PoE powered3.40
OtherUbiquitiUnifi Access Point AC Long-range + PoE Injector4.30
OtherUbiquitiUnifi Access Point AC Lite, PoE powered3.30
OtherUbiquitiUnifi Access Point AC Lite + PoE Injector4.20
SwitchesUbiquitiUniFi Switch Flex Mini1.64
SwitchesUbiquitiUniFi Switch Flex3.30
SwitchesUbiquitiUniFi Switch Lite 8 PoE4.40
Game ConsolesNvidiaShield Pro8.00 w2022-03-07
Light bulbsPhilipsWT060C LED56S/840 PSU L150044.43 w2022-03-05
Light bulbsPhilipsWT060C LED56S/840 PSU L150046.00
Adapter/ChargerMean WellGST36E12-P1J0.08 w36.00 w2022-02-13
ComputersDellWyse 50703.20 w0.90 w16.00 w2022-02-10
Game ConsolesSonySCPH-750117.00 w2022-01-29
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