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... user maintained electricity usage data
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ComputersAppleMac Mini (2014), (MGEM2, MGEN2, MGEQ2)5.80 w0.29 w85.00
ComputersAppleMac Pro (2013), (ME253, MD878)43.00 w0.26
ComputersAppleMacBook (2015), 12" (MF855, MJY32, MK4M2, MF865, MJY42, MK4N2)6.10 w0.10 w29.00
ComputersAppleMacBook Air (2015), 11" (MJVM2, MJVP2)5.40 w0.24 w45.00
ComputersAppleMacBook Air (2015), 13" (MJEV2, MJVG2)5.90 w0.24 w45.00
ComputersAppleMacBook Pro (2012), 13" (MD101, MD102)12.00 w0.31 w60.00
ComputersAppleMacBook Pro (2015), 13", Retina (MF839, MF840, MF841)8.60 w0.30 w60.00
ComputersAppleMacBook Pro (2015), 15", Retina (MJLQ2, MJLT2)12.70 w0.30 w85.00
ComputersZotacZBOX CI540 nano7.63 w24.13 wanandtech.com2015-06-11
ComputersZotacZbox CI320 Nano8.23 w19.33 wanandtech.com2015-06-11
ComputersECSLIVA X3.41 w12.65 wanandtech.com2015-06-11
ComputersECSLIVA mini-PC3.87 w12.05 wanandtech.com2015-06-11
ComputersIntelNUC5i7RYH7.99 w44.54 wanandtech.com2015-06-11
ComputersIntelPPSTCK1A32WFC2.45 w8.82 wanandtech.com2015-06-11
ComputersBiostarNM70I-84718.00 w1.80 w28.00 whartware.de2014-11-19
ComputersAsusE45M1-M PRO17.00 w1.80 w32.00 whartware.de2014-11-19
ComputersZotacD2550-ITX WiFi21.00 w2.00 w29.00 whartware.de2014-11-19
ComputersMSIC847MS-E3316.00 w1.70 w26.00 whartware.de2014-11-19
ComputersMSIC847MS-E3317.00 wgathering.tweakers.net2014-11-19
ComputersAsusH81M-Plus10.30 w72.00 wheise.de2014-11-19
279 rows

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