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WIFI RoutersTP-LinkTL-WR841ND v131.00 w1.50 w2023-03-26
WIFI RoutersTP-LinkTL-WR1043ND v42.50 w3.50 w2023-03-26
WIFI RoutersTP-LinkAX30005.50 w7.00 w2023-03-26
WIFI RoutersTP-LinkAX535.50 w7.00 w2023-03-26
WIFI RoutersAVMFRITZ!Box 75909.60 w15.00 w2023-02-02
WIFI RoutersTP-LinkArcher ?54.56 w5.52 w2022-12-27
WIFI RoutersTP-LinkAX216.00 w12.60 w2022-12-10
WIFI RoutersXiaomiax32005.70 w6.00 w2022-12-05
WIFI RoutersTP-LinkMR6008.00 wyoutube.com2022-12-03
WIFI RoutersAsusAX66008.50 w10.00 w2022-11-20
WIFI RoutersXiaomiAX36007.00 w2022-10-24
WIFI RoutersRouterboardMikrotik CCR1009-8G-1S-1S+18.00 w20.00 w2022-10-16
WIFI RoutersASUSAC66U_B19.00 w10.00 w2022-10-06
WIFI RoutersTP-LinkArcher C99.00 w10.00 walantechreview.blogspot.com2022-04-17
WIFI RoutersTp-linkTL-WA850RE1.40 w2.60 wtp-link.com2022-04-01
WIFI RoutersFritzFRITZ!Box 75304.20 w2022-01-05
WIFI RoutersTP-LinkArcher C7 v14.30 w2022-01-05
WIFI RoutersNetgearEX6150 v23.60 w2022-01-05
WIFI RoutersSagemcomFunbox38.80 w9.30 w2021-12-15
WIFI RoutersNetgearWNDR3700 V27.40 w7.90 w2021-12-10
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