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... user maintained electricity usage data
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WIFI RoutersZyXELNBG-67165.20 w5.35 wenergystar.gov2014-07-04
WIFI RoutersZyXELNBG-419N6.00 wzyxel.com2012-04-26
WIFI RoutersZyXELWAP3205v12.60 w2015-08-20
WIFI RoutersZyXELNBG-416N4.00 wzyxel.com2012-04-26
WIFI RoutersZyxelT-547.00 w2023-07-09
WIFI RoutersZyXELNBG-417N6.00 wzyxel.com2012-04-26
WIFI RoutersZyXELNBG571521.00 wzyxel.com2012-04-26
WIFI RoutersZyxelNBG6515 v27.00 wchip.cz2020-11-15
WIFI RoutersZyXELNBG-65032.40 w2.90 wnl.hardware.info2014-07-20
WIFI RoutersZyxelKeenetic Giga II3.70 w2018-01-25
WIFI RoutersZitechWLB2054AIP7.80 w2010-02-17
WIFI RoutersXiaomiAX36007.00 w2022-10-24
WIFI RoutersXiaomiMi WiFi Router 3G8.20 w10.80 wen.techreviewer.de2019-08-09
WIFI RoutersXiaomiax32005.70 w6.00 w2022-12-05
WIFI RoutersXiaomiMi Wi-Fi Nano1.50 w1.50 wxiaomi-mi.com2016-04-15
WIFI RoutersWestern DigitalMy Net N9007.00 wlegitreviews.com2013-03-27
WIFI RoutersWestern DigitalWestern Digital My Net N6002.60 w2015-08-05
WIFI RoutersUnifiU6+4.00 w4.60
WIFI RoutersUnifiU6 Lite Access Point4.40 w5.00 w2023-05-22
WIFI RoutersUbiquitiEdgeRouter PoE10.00 w2017-10-05
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