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... user maintained electricity usage data
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ComputersAsusH87M-PRO19.00 w0.30 w2013-12-31
ComputersRaspberry PiZero W0.60 w0.80 w2018-04-18
Computerslangzhionu1.00 w1.00 w2.00 wlangzhichina.com2023-09-28
ComputersRaspberry PiRaspberry Pi 2 B1.10 w0.10 w2.10 wpidramble.com2019-02-21
ComputersRaspberry PiPi 32.21 w3.62 wtweakers.net2016-10-25
ComputersRaspberry PiRaspberry Pi 3 B1.40 w0.10 w3.70 wpidramble.com2019-02-21
ComputersRaspberry PiB, rev 2 (512MB RAM)2.90 w3.80 wlinux-magazine.com2013-11-27
ComputersRaspberry PiPi 22.45 w3.85 wtweakers.net2016-10-25
ComputersFoxconnNettop nT-5103.89 w0.88 w4.22 w2016-11-21
ComputersDellWyse 30301.73 w0.14 w4.51 w2024-01-31
ComputersDellWyse 30401.37 w0.16 w4.90 w2024-01-31
ComputersHighpointRocket 640L5.00 w5.00 w5.00 w2013-12-31
ComputersRaspberry PiRaspberry Pi 3 B+1.90 w0.10 w5.10 wpidramble.com2019-02-21
ComputersRaspberry Pi32.10 w5.90 wtomshardware.com2019-06-25
ComputersRaspberry Pi3b+2.90 w6.40 wtomshardware.com2019-06-25
ComputersRaspberry Pi4b4.60 w7.60 wtomshardware.com2019-06-25
ComputersCompulabTrim Slice4.89 w8.00 wtrimslice.com2014-09-12
ComputersGigabyteBRIX GB-BXBT-19004.00 w8.00 w2019-07-10
ComputersCompuLabfit-PC26.00 w0.50 w8.00 wtinygreenpc.com2012-08-28
ComputersIntelPPSTCK1A32WFC2.45 w8.82 wanandtech.com2015-06-11
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