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Tristar AC-5477

With a average usage of 350 watts Tristar AC-5477 is ranked 67 out of 69 registered No set

TypeSelf Measured
Normal/Idle350.00 watts
Standby3.00 watts
Max395.00 watts
DescriptionTristar Airconditioner AC-5477. Mobile airconditioner with an absolutely insane consumption sticker. It's listed as 2.1kW and 0.8kW per 60min (Wich doesn't really make sense considering the listed consumption of 2.1kW.)

Idles at around 90 watts when the compressor is not running. It jumps up to around 395 watts when the kicks in, wich if you are living in a hot climate, is most of the time. It has a few other functions too, but i doubt this thing can consume 2100 watts.
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