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With a average usage of 4.49 watts Intel NUC7JY NUC7PJYH is ranked 27 out of 237 registered Computer

This product will use 6.2 kWh per year if running 2 hours daily. Estimated cost is 0.9$ when

Normal/Idle4.49 watts
Standby1.13 watts
Max24.58 watts
DescriptionUPC: 735858365109
EAN: 5032037120067
Tambient=26ºC; RV=42%; LMG95; cycle=1.00s; avg=500s; Utrms=229.3-230.7V; Ipp-standby=211-354mA; f=49.97-50.00Hz; Qstandby=6.47var; Sstandby=6.56VA; PFstandby=0.17c; connected: HDMI1, Ethernet, USB RX250 mouse, USB K120 keyboard, SATA SSD 860 PRO 512GB, RAM 2x8GiB F4-2400C16D-16GRS; BIOS version: 0031; Windows 10 Pro + Airplane mode (no Wi-Fi, no Bluetooth); Intel UHD Graphics driver; Qidle=11.82var; Sidle=12.63VA
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