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AVM Fritz!Box 7581

With a average usage of 7.45 watts AVM Fritz!Box 7581 is ranked 21 out of 29 registered ADSL Modem

Normal/Idle7.45 watts
Standby7.25 watts
Max8.69 watts
DescriptionLMG95 @100kHz
Normal = average value of 300 seconds of 100ksamples/s.

Q: 17.13 var
S: 18.59 VA
PF: 0.3905
f: 49.99 Hz
Z: 2.85 kOhm
Rser: 1.1116 kOhm
Xser: 2.628 kOhm
Itrms: 80.7 mA
Utrms: 229.9 V
Ipp: 473 mA

Features: WLAN enabled, LAN not plugged, DSL not plugged, Fon disabled
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