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Modiary MDA222

With a average usage of 176 watts Modiary MDA222 is ranked 32 out of 32 registered Adapter/Charger

TypeSelf Measured
Normal/Idle176.00 watts
Standby0.59 watts
Max232.00 watts

Itrms: 70.23 mA
Utrms: 232.1 V
PF: 0.036 c
Ipp: 389mA

A.k.a. Shenzhen Modiary co.,ltd BC222360040; 42V for 36V LiIon 4A charger
Pcharging-35.9VDC: 160W
Idc-charging-35.9VDC: 3.9933A
η@4A-charging-35.9VDC: 89.4%
PF@4A-charging-35.9VDC: 0.931

Pcharging-36.5VDC: 162.66W
Idc-charging-36.5VDC: 3.9923A
η@4A-charging-36.5VDC: 89.63%
- ηlow: 89.502%
- ηhigh: 89.761%
PF@4A-charging-36.5VDC: 0.9316

ηtotal = 410.065 Wh / 458.376 Wh = 89.46%
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