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Ikea Omlopp L1514 302.452.23

With a average usage of 6.43 watts Ikea Omlopp L1514 302.452.23 is ranked 2 out of 11 registered Light bulbs

TypeSelf Measured
Normal/Idle6.43 watts
Max6.48 watts
DescriptionIkea specified: 5.4 watts (90 x 0.045), 30245223213349, L1514;

LMG95, cycle=1s, avg=1 cycle, Utrms=231V, PF=0.817, S=7.787 VA

Tambient=26.5C, Tcasing=38C

Measured in conjunction with Ansluta 10W [103.201.81, ean: 10320181231889, ICPSH24-10EU-IL-1, ic: MPS HFC0500, ICPSH24-10EU rev. 1.0.1 2.4Ghz]
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