The Power Consumption Database

... user maintained electricity usage data
HarddiskWestern DigitalWD My Book 2TB6.30 w1.70 w8.00 walantechreview.blogspot.com2022-04-17
NASsWestern DigitalMy Book Live10.00 w4.50 w12.00 w2018-05-29
NASsWestern DigitalWD My Cloud EX216.00 w16.00 wpcmag.com2016-04-15
NASsWestern DigitalWD My Cloud Mirror16.00 w16.00 wwegotserved.com2016-04-15
NASsWestern DigitalWD My Cloud10.00 w10.00 w11.00
WIFI RoutersWestern DigitalWestern Digital My Net N6002.60 w2015-08-05
WIFI RoutersWestern DigitalMy Net N9007.00 wlegitreviews.com2013-03-27
NASsWestern DigitalMyBook World Edition II15.00 wtomshardware.com2010-07-19
Media PlayersWestern DigitalWD TV Live Plus6.00 w7.00 w2010-07-12
Media PlayersWestern DigitalWD TV Live9.00 w4.00 w2010-02-23
10 rows

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