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ComputersTranquilT7-33027.00 w31.00
WIFI RoutersTP-LinkTL-WDR36005.00 w6.00 w2014-02-21
WIFI RoutersTP-LINKTL-WDR35002.70 wlegitreviews.com2013-12-19
OtherTP-LinkTL-PA2010: AV200 Nano Powerline Adapter0.80 w1.10 wnl.hardware.info2013-09-24
WIFI RoutersTP-LinkTL-WDR43004.60 wlegitreviews.com2013-03-27
WIFI RoutersTp-LinkTL-WR741ND V1.5 with openwrt 12.09 RC14.00 w5.50 w2013-01-09
WIFI RoutersTP-LINKTL-WR741ND V1.55.20 w6.70 w2012-01-04
WIFI RoutersTP-LinkTL-WR702N0.80 w1.30
WIFI RoutersTP-LinkTL-WR710N0.80 w1.10 wtp-link.de2015-07-01
Wireless plugTP-linkHS1104.30 wtp-link.com2018-11-25
WIFI RoutersTP-LinkArcher C1200 (AC1200)8.50 w9.50 w2018-11-06
SwitchesTP-LinkTL-SG1050.80 w2.50 wuk.hardware.info2018-03-29
WIFI RoutersTP-LinkWR841N8.00 w10.00 w2018-03-18
WIFI RoutersTP-LinkTL-WR802N0.85 w0.85
SwitchesTP-LinkTL-SF1016DS1.30 w1.30 w1.50
WIFI RoutersTP-LinkArcher C7 V24.60 w2016-03-16
WIFI RoutersTP-LinkArcher C23.50 w4.20 wnl.hardware.info2014-07-20
WIFI RoutersTP-LinkTL-WR1043ND v24.00 w6.50 wnl.hardware.info2014-07-20
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