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OtherThebentheLuxa S360 BK0.50 wtheben.de2016-11-10
OtherVentus / EcowittW8300.50 w1.25 wapi.nshnordic.com2019-09-15
MicrocontrollerUSR IOTusr-wm1s0.50 w1.10 w2016-08-30
Adapter/ChargerRenkforceRF-POE-10000.54 w2020-12-07
Robot vacuum cleanerDreameVWV8 | H11 Max0.55 w0.55 w24.70 w2022-06-19
OtherGevLight Boy0.60 wgev.de2016-11-10
ComputersRaspberry PiZero W0.60 w0.80 w2018-04-18
SwitchesDelock113480.61 w0.84 w2018-08-09
OtherPollinRTE-ZS 5514300.64 w2017-07-15
Adapter/ChargerNavilock624350.65 w10.00 w2022-11-29
OtherGoobay713630.67 w2017-10-30
OtherOmronH3DT-A20.67 w2020-11-16
OtherResolDeltasol SLT0.68 w0.68 wresol.de2022-09-29
OtherOmronH3DT-A20.70 w0.70 wia.omron.com2020-11-16
OtherSunRicherSR-ZG9101SAC-HP0.70 w0.70 w0.70 wsunricher.com2022-09-27
Game ConsolesNintendoGame Boy0.70 w0.70 w2018-08-28
OtherProfilePCF-3400.73 wkarwei.nl2017-07-20
SwitchesMicrotikRB260GS0.75 w2018-04-30
Adapter/ChargerRyobiRC181500.76 w120.00 w2022-11-28
Other USB productsSharkoonSATA Quickdeck Pro0.79 w2016-10-31
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