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ComputersIntelNUC5i3RYK/H7.10 w0.40 w21.60 wtechnikaffe.de2016-11-22
ComputersIntelNUC5i3RYK7.10 w0.40 w21.60 wtechnikaffe.de2016-06-04
ComputersIntelNUC5CPYH8.50 w1.30 w12.00 w2019-04-14
ComputersIntelDN2820FYKH8.10 w0.40 wheise.de2014-11-19
ComputersIntelDC3217IYE13.95 w2.05 w20.90 w2013-07-06
ComputersHP648255-42145.00 w13.00 w73.00 w2013-11-07
ComputersHPDx240055.00 w1.70 w80.00 w2017-02-24
ComputersHPDL380 G6 L5520 4GB 460W68.70 w106.20
ComputersHPEliteDesk 800 G2 DM 35W (P1G34EA#UUW)8.00 w37.00 w2020-04-19
ComputersHP648255-42139.50 w10.50 w69.00 w2013-11-07
ComputersHP648255-42141.00 w10.50 w68.00 w2013-11-07
ComputersHighpointRocket 640L5.00 w5.00 w5.00 w2013-12-31
ComputersGuruPlugGuruPlug-Server Standard5.00
ComputersGigabyte Technology Co., Ltd.H81M-H F519.60 w2014-10-05
ComputersGigabyteGA-X99 Gaming 548.00 w5.70 w202.00 wheise.de2014-11-19
ComputersGigabyteBRIX GB-BXBT-19005.79 w17.28 wanandtech.com2019-07-09
ComputersGigabyteMW50-SV047.00 w4.70 w221.00 wheise.de2014-11-19
ComputersGigabyteBRIX GB-BXBT-19004.00 w8.00 w2019-07-10
ComputersGiadaSlim-N10 NVIDIA Ion Nettop20.00 w26.00 2010-04-23
ComputersFujitsuFUTRO S10010.00 w0.96 w11.00
264 rows

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