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WIFI Routersnetgearwgr614v104.60 wkb.netgear.com2021-05-22
Game ConsolesSONYCUH-7000 series150.00 w10.00 w310.00 wplaystation.com2021-05-11
WIFI RoutersNetgearNighthawk EX70007.00 w2021-03-18
Robot vacuum cleanerRoborocks5 max2.80 w2.80 w21.00 wus.roborock.com2021-02-07
OtherThomas OEM HiZeroBionic Washstick1.05 w2021-01-24
Adapter/ChargerShenZhen Oenwel TechnologyCW2400600EU0.13 w0.13 w15.00 w2021-01-24
OtherBissell20522105.00 wbissell.nl2021-01-24
OtherBissell2052290.00 w0.34 w156.00 w2021-01-24
Adapter/ChargerJin Xin Yu Power (Shenzen) Supply Co LtdXVE-1680150 | XVE-1681500.39 w0.39 w28.00 w2020-12-09
Adapter/ChargerKuantenKT241480050EU0.13 w0.13 w2020-12-08
OtherNova FitnessSDS0112.40 w2020-12-08
Game ConsolesSonyPS560.00 w1.80 w215.00 wflatpanels.dk2020-12-08
Adapter/ChargerRenkforceRF-POE-10000.54 w2020-12-07
ComputersRaspberry Pi4B + PoE + SD3.20 w2.90 w2020-12-04
Light bulbsOptonica59300.23 w10.21 w2020-11-27
WIFI RoutersLinksysMR73506.00 w2020-11-24
OtherHuaweiHG8010H3.00 w3.50 wfccid.io2020-11-22
OtherHuaweiHG8012H3.00 w6.00 wycict.net2020-11-22
WIFI RoutersD-LinkDIR-8256.40 w6.40 w13.00 w2020-11-21
WIFI RoutersUbiquitiUSG + CK2 + Switch60W + HD Flex24.84 w2020-11-19
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