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ADSL ModemsDraytekVigor2760n7.06 w7.05 w14.40 w2017-01-27
WIFI RoutersD-LinkDIR-8578.50 w14.20 wnl.hardware.info2014-07-20
ComputersAleutiaT1 Fanless PC10.00 w14.00
WIFI RoutersNetgearR63008.70 w14.00 wnl.hardware.info2014-07-19
WIFI RoutersNetgearR7000 Nighthawk AC19009.20 w14.00 w2016-09-01
WIFI RoutersLinksysWRT3200ACM11.00 w14.00 w2016-12-21
ComputersIntelNUC5PPYH6.40 w0.70 w13.80 wtechnikaffe.de2016-12-01
WIFI RoutersLinksysEA63008.00 w13.60 wnl.hardware.info2014-07-20
OtherPhilipsPhilips Citrus Press HR 273713.60 w13.60 w2018-08-28
ComputersIntelDC3217BY11.55 w1.25 w13.50 w2013-12-16
WIFI RoutersD-LinkDIR-8256.40 w6.40 w13.00 w2020-11-21
ComputersAsrockBeebox N30007.40 w1.10 w12.80 wtechnikaffe.de2016-12-01
ComputersIntelDC3217BY11.75 w1.25 w12.70 w2013-12-16
WIFI RoutersLinksysEA650010.20 w12.70 wnl.hardware.info2014-07-20
ComputersECSLIVA X3.41 w12.65 wanandtech.com2015-06-11
Cable ModemsArrisTouchstone TM802G9.00 w12.50 wmoto.arrisi.com2014-07-26
WIFI RoutersLinksysEA67008.50 w12.20 wnl.hardware.info2014-07-20
ComputersECSLIVA mini-PC3.87 w12.05 wanandtech.com2015-06-11
WIFI RoutersASUSRT-N66U10.00 w12.00 w2013-05-20
NASsWestern DigitalMy Book Live10.00 w4.50 w12.00 w2018-05-29
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