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ComputersAppleMac mini (Late 2018) 230v11.50 w1.19 w150.00 wapple.com2019-06-22
ComputersAppleMac Mini MA206LL/A19.00 w1.20 w41.00 w2010-02-14
Set-Top BoxesMetronicEco zapbox4.90 w1.20
Game ConsolesSonyPlaystation 2 (slim)23.00 w1.20 2011-03-02
FansSevilleModel 10166 Desk Tower Fan22.40 w1.20 w34.00 w2014-07-19
SwitchesNetgearFS2082.30 w1.20 w2.30 wdownloads.netgear.com2020-05-17
UnknownBraun37091.21 w1.21 w2016-12-18
Game ConsolesSonyPS3 60G First Gen171.00 w1.22 w206.90 wnews.cnet.com2010-02-14
Set-Top BoxesTVonicsMFR-3004.43 w1.24
ComputersIntelDC3217BY11.75 w1.25 w12.70 w2013-12-16
ComputersIntelDC3217BY11.55 w1.25 w13.50 w2013-12-16
Game ConsolesNintendoWii13.50 w1.30 w18.40 whardcoreware.net2010-02-14
Set-Top BoxesAlbaCDVB45.10 w1.30
Set-Top BoxesHinkeHT0210VI7.90 w1.30 2010-04-07
Digital TV RecordersLGRH26625.10 w1.30 2011-02-26
ComputersDellOptiplex 902010.20 w1.30 w57.00 wheise.de2014-11-19
SwitchesTP-LinkTL-SF1016DS1.30 w1.30 w1.50
ComputersIntelNUC5CPYH8.50 w1.30 w12.00 w2019-04-14
Game ConsolesSonyPS547.00 w1.30 w203.00 weurogamer.net2022-05-26
SwitchesNetgearGS108Ev31.70 w1.35 w2019-02-18
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