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... user maintained electricity usage data
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OtherFestoolSL-KS 603.55 w2022-09-17
OtherFestoolKS 60 switch = 6611.00 w1200.00 w2022-09-17
OtherFestoolKS 60 switch = 1240.00 w1200.00 w2022-09-17
OtherGrundfosUPS 32-60 (1)36.77 w2022-09-14
OtherGrundfosUPS 32-60 (1)35.00 w2022-09-14
OtherSercomm ChinaPlume Pods / Ziggo SmartWiFi POD5.00 w5.00 w6.00 wvz-zearch.custhelp.com2022-06-03
OtherKärcherBR 40/10C Adv1850.00 w2300.00 w2022-05-02
OtherKärcherBR 30/4 C671.40 w820.00 w2022-04-22
OtherUbiquitiUnifi Access Point AC Long-range, PoE powered3.40
OtherUbiquitiUnifi Access Point AC Long-range + PoE Injector4.30
OtherUbiquitiUnifi Access Point AC Lite, PoE powered3.30
OtherUbiquitiUnifi Access Point AC Lite + PoE Injector4.20
OtherCitelMSB6-4000.31 w2022-01-24
OtherDrayTekVigor2135FVac6.15 w19.00 w2022-01-20
OtherGoogleHome4.00 w11.00 w2022-01-14
OtherGoogleNest Mini3.00 w5.00 w2022-01-14
OtherGoogleHome Mini 1st Generation3.00 w4.00 w2022-01-14
OtherAmazonEcho 2nd Generation4.00 w7.00 w2022-01-14
OtherUbiquitiUAP‑AC‑PRO4.00 wui.com2021-11-29
OtherUbiquitiUAP-AC-M-US3.00 wstore.ui.com2021-11-29
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