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UPSCyberPowerBS650ELCD-DE4.70 w3.60 wheise.de2016-10-29
Digital TV RecordersSonyRDR-HXD89023.20 w3.50
Set-Top BoxesManhattan PlazaDT-100+6.30 w3.40
PrintersHPDeskjet D550020.00 w3.20 wh10010.www1.hp.com2010-07-15
SwitchesTP-LinkTL-SG1005D5.80 w3.20 w5.80 wus.hardware.info2014-07-21
Switches3com3C1670500C (5 port switch)5.20 w3.20 w5.30 wus.hardware.info2014-07-21
UPSEaton3S 5503.70 w3.20 wheise.de2016-10-29
HarddiskHGSTUltrastar Ha10 SATA5.20 w3.20 w7.80 whgst.com2017-02-08
Wireless speakerSonosOne3.20 wsupport.sonos.com2019-02-20
PrintersBrotherHL-S7000DN3.00 w3.00 w130.00 wbrother-usa.com2014-07-11
PrintersBrotherHL-L2360D600.00 w3.00 w1000.00 w2018-10-08
ComputersApple2019 27" i7 iMac Vega GPU55.00 w3.00 w250.00 w2019-05-11
OtherTristarAC-5477350.00 w3.00 w395.00 w2019-06-03
ComputersCommodoreC6420.00 w3.00 w2020-01-26
Digital TV RecordersSamsungDVD_HR75326.00 w2.90 2011-02-26
Digital TV RecordersSamsungDVD-HR75527.40 w2.90 2011-02-26
PrintersBrotherHL-5470DW5.00 w2.90 w716.00 wbrother-usa.com2014-07-11
PrintersBrotherHL-6180DW4.90 w2.90 w727.00 wbrother-usa.com2014-07-11
PrintersBrotherHL-5470DWT5.00 w2.90 w716.00 wbrother-usa.com2014-07-11
ComputersRaspberry Pi4B + PoE + SD3.20 w2.90 w2020-12-04
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