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ComputersIntelDC3217IYE13.95 w2.05 w20.90 w2013-07-06
ComputersHP648255-42141.00 w10.50 w68.00 w2013-11-07
ComputersHP648255-42139.50 w10.50 w69.00 w2013-11-07
ComputersHP648255-42145.00 w13.00 w73.00 w2013-11-07
ComputersIntelDC3217BY11.75 w1.25 w12.70 w2013-12-16
ComputersIntelDC3217BY11.55 w1.25 w13.50 w2013-12-16
ComputersIntelDC3217BY5.05 w26.10 w2013-12-17
ComputersIntelD54250WYK3.65 w0.05 w2013-12-21
ComputersIntelD54250WYK4.60 w0.05 w2013-12-21
ComputersAsusH87M-PRO19.00 w0.30 w2013-12-31
ComputersHighpointRocket 640L5.00 w5.00 w5.00 w2013-12-31
ComputersViewSonicViewPad 107.50 w2014-06-02
ComputersAppleiMac (2009), 21.5", 3.06GHz Core 2 Duo84.00 w0.80 w119.00 w2014-07-07
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