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UPSCyberPowerOR600ELCDRM1U4.00 wfen.home.pl2022-01-27
UPSCyberPowerOR1000ELCDRM1U4.90 wfen.home.pl2022-01-27
UPSCyberPowerOR1500ELCDRM1U5.30 wfen.home.pl2022-01-27
UPSCyberPowerPR1500ELCDRT2U9.00 wfen.home.pl2022-01-27
UPSCyberPowerCP900EPFCLCD3.90 wfen.home.pl2022-01-27
OtherHuaweiHG8010H3.00 w3.50 wfccid.io2020-11-22
OtherUbiquitiUnifi Access Point AC Long-range + PoE Injector4.30
OtherUbiquitiUnifi Access Point AC Long-range, PoE powered3.40
OtherUbiquitiUnifi Access Point AC Lite + PoE Injector4.20
OtherUbiquitiUnifi Access Point AC Lite, PoE powered3.30
SwitchesUbiquitiUniFi Switch Flex Mini1.64
SwitchesUbiquitiUniFi Switch Flex3.30
SwitchesUbiquitiUniFi Switch Lite 8 PoE4.40
SwitchesD-LinkDGS-1005D V83.90 w1.40 w3.90 weu.dlink.com2020-05-17
SwitchesD-LinkDGS‑1053.10 w0.30 w3.10 weu.dlink.com2020-05-17
SwitchesD-LinkDGS‑1084.62 w0.40 w4.62 weu.dlink.com2020-05-17
NASsD-LinkDNS-32012.50 w7.40 weu.dlink.com2020-04-30
NASsAppleA1409 Time Capsule15.00 w21.00 wen.wikipedia.org2016-05-04
WIFI RoutersXiaomiMi WiFi Router 3G8.20 w10.80 wen.techreviewer.de2019-08-09
OtherEatonDilmp125(rac240)2.30 w150.00 wdatasheet.eaton.com2019-09-15
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