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ComputersAppleMac Mini (2009 late) 2.53 GHz Core 2 Duo (Macmini3,1)20.00 w6.00 w47.00 w2020-04-28
Cable ModemsNetgearCM5008.00 w2020-04-26
Set-Top BoxesNvidiaNvidia Shield Tv13.00 w18.00 w2020-04-23
Set-Top BoxesNvidiaNvidia Shield Tv13.00 w18.00 w2020-04-23
UPSEaton5S1000LCD19.00 w16.00 w60.00 w2020-04-23
ComputersHPEliteDesk 800 G2 DM 35W (P1G34EA#UUW)8.00 w37.00 w2020-04-19
WIFI RoutersTP-LINKArcher AX60008.20 w11.10 withardware.pl2020-04-08
WIFI RoutersTP-LINKArcher AX504.80 w10.40 withardware.pl2020-04-08
WIFI RoutersASUSRT-AX58U3.60 w9.00 withardware.pl2020-04-08
ADSL ModemsFritzFritz!Box 33907.00 w2020-04-06
OtherWagoTobjob S 2006-16710.32 w2020-04-03
SwitchesUbiquitiUniFi Switch 8 PoE 150W15.50 w10.00 wstore.ui.com2020-03-16
FansXIAOMIFJY4026GL Mi Air Purifier 2H4.80 w1.50 w31.00 wcdn-reichelt.de2020-03-15
OtherUbiquitiuvc-g3-flex2.73 wunifi-protect.ui.com2020-03-11
WIFI RoutersTP-LinkArcher AX104.90 w7.40 withardware.pl2020-03-07
SwitchesUbiquitiUniFi Switch 16 XG23.00 wui.com2020-02-24
WIFI RoutersLinksysEA85007.50 w2020-02-22
Cable ModemsCompalCH7465LG-TN11.60 wwww2.telenet.be2020-02-11
ComputersCommodoreC6420.00 w3.00 w2020-01-26
ComputersCommodoreC6422.00 w6.00 wlemon64.com2020-01-26
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