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Wireless speakerSonosBeam5.50 wsupport.sonos.com2019-02-20
Wireless speakerSonosPLAY:5 (gen2)2.20 wsupport.sonos.com2019-02-20
Wireless speakerSonosPLAY:5 (gen1)8.00 wsupport.sonos.com2019-02-20
Wireless speakerSonosPLAY:34.40 wsupport.sonos.com2019-02-20
Wireless speakerSonosOne3.20 wsupport.sonos.com2019-02-20
Wireless speakerSonosPLAY:13.80 wsupport.sonos.com2019-02-20
SwitchesNetgearGS108Ev31.70 w1.35 w2019-02-18
WIFI RoutersTP-LinkArcher C7 V25.60 w5.90 wnl.hardware.info2019-02-14
WIFI RoutersNetgearR7000 Nighthawk AC19008.50 w2019-02-14
WIFI RoutersTP-LinkTL-WDR36003.80 w2019-02-14
WIFI RoutersTP-LinkArcher C7 V24.60 w5.50 w2019-02-14
Cable ModemsTechnicolorCGM4140COM20.00 w22.00
WIFI RoutersTp-linkArcher C2300 AC23008.00 w2019-02-11
WIFI RoutersAsusRT-AC86U11.00 w2019-02-10
WIFI RoutersDKTWave2 Air3.70 w5.00 wrecordere.dk2019-02-06
Cable ModemsNetgearCM1150v7.40 w8.00 wnetgear.com2019-02-04
OtherTeacCR-H238i17.70 w0.70 w60.00 w2019-02-01
WIFI RoutersDlink860l B1 (Chip: MediaTek MT7621 ver:1 eco:3)5.10 w2019-01-20
WIFI RoutersPace (AT&T)5268AC8.40 w36.00 w2019-01-06
Adapter/ChargerPanasonicBQ-CC172.70 w0.34 w2018-12-08
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