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ComputersIntelNUC8i5BEH5.10 w0.30 w75.80 welefacts.de2020-10-16
ComputersIntelNUC8i3BEH5.50 w0.30 w48.20 welefacts.de2020-10-16
WIFI RoutersTP-LinkArcher C6 V2.02.60 w4.20 w2020-10-14
ComputersIntelNUC7CJYH5.00 w0.60 w16.20 welefacts.de2020-10-12
ComputersIntelNUC7CJYH7.20 w24.10 wnucblog.net2020-10-12
ComputersIntelNUC7CJYH4.50 w0.80 w21.40 wnotebookcheck.net2020-10-12
NASsQNAPTS-45119.00 w27.00 wvortez.net2020-10-09
WIFI RoutersSagemcomF@ST 3864V3 HP9.00 w9.50 w2020-09-02
OtherGoogleHome Mini1.40 w1.50 w2020-08-25
ADSL ModemsTelekomSpeedport Smart 25.00 w7.00 wtelekom.de2020-08-08
ADSL ModemsZyxelP-660HN-515.30 w5.30 w6.00 w2020-07-21
ADSL ModemsActiontec (CenturyLink)C3000A7.90 w7.90 w2020-07-19
Set-Top BoxesTanixTX3 - s905x3/4GB5.00 w8.00 w2020-07-13
MicrocontrollerNodeMCUAmica v21.20 w1.70 w2020-07-12
SwitchesUbiquitiUnifi Switch US-8-60W7.00 w2020-07-12
SwitchesUnifiUS-8-60W7.00 w2020-07-12
OtherUbiquitiCloud Key Gen25.00 wunifi-protect.ui.com2020-06-30
OtherUbiquitiUVC‑G3‑BULLET4.00 w4.00 wui.com2020-06-30
OtherUbiquitiCloud Key Gen2+12.95 wunifi-protect.ui.com2020-06-30
Fansemersonseabreeze rollabout100.00 w2020-06-08
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