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Cable ModemsZyXELBRG-355035.00 w6.50 wzyxel.com2014-07-26
WIFI RoutersLinksysEA64006.20 w6.60 wnl.hardware.info2014-07-20
WIFI RoutersTP-LINKTL-WR741ND V1.55.20 w6.70 w2012-01-04
ADSL ModemsMotorola33476.50 w6.70 wnrdc.org2014-07-26
WIFI RoutersD-LinkDIR-826L4.80 w6.80 wnl.hardware.info2014-07-20
WIFI RoutersLinksysEA27005.80 w6.80 wnl.hardware.info2014-07-20
Cable ModemsuBeeDDM35105.50 w6.80 w2014-07-26
ADSL ModemsActiontecM1000, W10006.30 w6.90 wnrdc.org2014-07-26
Media PlayersWestern DigitalWD TV Live Plus6.00 w7.00 w2010-07-12
WIFI RoutersBelkinF9K1102DE (Play N600)5.00 w7.00 wnl.hardware.info2014-07-20
WIFI RoutersLinksysE25005.50 w7.00 wnl.hardware.info2014-07-20
WIFI RoutersDKTWAVE26.20 w7.00 wrecordere.dk2018-07-29
WIFI RoutersAsusRT-N165.00 w7.00 w2019-10-07
ADSL ModemsTelekomSpeedport Smart 25.00 w7.00 wtelekom.de2020-08-08
OtherAmazonEcho 2nd Generation4.00 w7.00 w2022-01-14
WIFI RoutersSercomVodafone station 26.00 w7.10 w2017-09-16
SwitchesBelkinF5D5141EA5 (5 port switch)7.20 w5.50 w7.20 wus.hardware.info2014-07-21
Cable ModemsArrisTG862G/GT7.00 w7.30 wnrdc.org2014-07-26
Cable ModemsNetgearCG814WG7.30 w7.40 wnrdc.org2014-07-26
ADSL ModemsWestellVersaLink 75007.10 w7.40 wnrdc.org2014-07-26
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