The Power Consumption Database

... user maintained electricity usage data
ADSL ModemsThomson TelecomVG789ivn10.40 w2017-07-14
Adapter/ChargerThomson TelecomFW7455/EU/22-00.36 w2017-07-14
WIFI RoutersThomsonTG585v75.00 w6.00 w2013-08-26
WIFI RoutersThomsonTG585v75.00 w2010-08-24
Digital TV RecordersThomsonDTI6021-2514.00 w14.20
Digital TV RecordersSky+HD Thomson35.50 w18.50
TVs - CRTThomson28DR22270.00 w2.50 w2010-02-28
TVs - LCDThomson40N90NH22N193.00 w0.72 2010-02-13
8 rows

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