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... user maintained electricity usage data
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Set-Top BoxesDenverDVBA-1134.80 w0.60 2010-08-21
Set-Top BoxesIntelEdison Kit for Arduino0.30 w0.90 wheise.de2014-11-19
Set-Top BoxesAGKAGK DVB-T 10359 (DH2836)8.00 w0.60 2010-08-21
Set-Top BoxesMaximumT-1028.00 w0.60 2010-08-21
Set-Top BoxesClintDT117.40 w0.50 2010-08-21
Set-Top BoxesTriaxT-HD 409 VA10.00 w0.50 2010-08-21
Set-Top BoxesManhattan PlazaDT-10010.00 w8.00
Set-Top BoxesStrongSRT84107.20 w0.40 2010-04-07
Set-Top BoxesSamsungHomeCable HD GX-FM530CF5.00 w2017-10-05
Set-Top BoxesTechniSatHDFS 0008/475015.74 w0.20
Set-Top BoxesLabgearFV4007.60 w5.80
Set-Top BoxesUnitedDVBT 90747.40 w0.70 2010-04-07
Set-Top BoxesClintDC38.43 w0.94 wgoenergi.dk2011-09-10
Set-Top BoxesLumatronDVB-T407.60 w0.30 2010-08-21
Set-Top BoxesClintDC17.20 w0.87 2010-08-21
Set-Top BoxesTechnisatDigyboxx T4 VA8.00 w0.50 2010-08-21
Set-Top BoxesDenverDMB-105HD8.00 w0.50 2010-08-21
Set-Top BoxesMetronicSat HD 10016.40 w1.00
Set-Top BoxesAlbaCDVB45.10 w1.30
Set-Top BoxesAGKAGK DVB-T 10360 (DH2806)7.50 w0.50 2010-04-07
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